GreenMin for Dogs - all natural mineral supplement

Made in the USA and Canada

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‘It is like getting a better, healthier and longer life for your best friend…’ 

Dietary deficiencies are one of the primary causes of chronic disease and premature aging. Intensive agriculture has depleted soils of minerals and other nutrients which affects the whole food chain including your animal friend.

GreenMin supports:

  • better energy and greater stamina
  • improved mobility and joint health
  • a shinier, healthier and richer coat
  • optimal cell, gland and organ function
  • better digestion and nutrient absorption
  • better hydration
  • detox
  • and more….

Gentle Detoxing 

GreenMin helps to eliminate harmful heavy metals and toxins.

Made by nature

Unlike many synthetic supplements, GreenMin is made from top quality wholefood raw dried ingredients that are “grown by nature”, not made in a lab.

GreenMin is economical

1 jar lasts for around 3 months for an average dog and over 5 months for small dogs!

Raw food goodness packaged in glass. GreenMin is carefully dried and crafted under low temperatures to protect its valuable nutrients and packaged in glass to preserve freshness and consider our planet.

Sustainable harvest and human grade quality

All ingredients sourced directly from growers and produced with the most rigorous production quality control. We do not source from countries that are known to tolerate wide spread animal abuse.

There is no life without minerals

Ingredients: Our top quality ingredients are human grade and organic when possible.  

Certified Organic Alga Calcarea (Brazil) – sustainably harvested unique species of mineral rich seaweed-superfood containing more than 20 essential minerals and numerous phytonutrients. (USDA certified organic and tested free of pesticides or heavy metals.)

All natural, Kosher Californian Spirulina (USA) – One of the most nutritionally balanced species of blue green algae, abundant with chlorophyll, essential amino acids, omega oils, beta-carotene and countless other phytonutrients that nurture, cleanse the body and help to eliminate heavy metals.

Product Analysis (per 1/2 tsp of GreenMin )

Essential Minerals: Boron 0.08mg, Bromine 0.02mg, Calcium 0.47g, Chloride 1.49mg, Chromium 17.99 mcg, Copper 12.21 mcg, Iodine 31.04 mcg, Iron 5.85 mg, Magnesium 0.16 g, Manganese 0.24 mg, Molybdenum 2.70 mcg, Nickel 0.37 mcg, Phosphorus 17.96 mg, Potassium 28.24 mg, Selenium 3.07 mcg, Silicon 1.46 mg, Sodium 0.02 g, Sulphur 0.02 g, Vanadium 0.05 mg, Zinc 0.04 mg

Essential Amino Acids: Histidine 17.76 mg, Isoleucine 61.98 mg, Leucine 95.48 mg, Lysine 55.61 mcg, Methionine 22.45 mcg, Phenylalanine 48.58 mcg, Theronine 51.09 mg, Valine 13.87 mg, Tryptophan 61.98 mg

Phytonutrients: Phytocyanin 0.17 mg, Chlorophyll 15.08 mg

Essential Fatty Acids: Gama Linoleic Acid 0.02 g, Linoleic Acid 0.21 g,

Total Carotenoids: 6.45 mg, Beta Carotene 2.51 mg, Zeaxanthin 1.59 mg


GreenMin comes in a convenient powder form and should be added daily to any type of natural raw, cooked or processed food.


  • up to 10 kg (22 lbs) – 1/4 tsp daily / approx 160 days*
  • 11 – 25 kg (23 – 55 lbs) – 1/2 tsp daily / approx 80 days*
  • 26 – 50 kg (56 – 110 lbs) – 3/4 tsp daily / approx 55 days*
  • over 50 kg (110 lbs) – 1 tsp daily / approx 40 days*

*Please note: jars are filled by weight, not volume and may vary slightly.

Frequently asked questions

Can GreenMin be given to puppies or senior pets? 

Absolutely. While every age category will benefit, young or old animals are especially prone to deficiencies that can cause growth and development abnormalities and shortened lifespan.

Are there any side effects? 

GreenMin has the same safety margin as wholesome food. There have not been any known side effects or contraindications. Introduce GreenMin gradually over 1 week in ill and depleted animals.

*For a retail or wholesale opportunity contact:

Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions Inc. PO Box 75546, Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, BC, V7R1X4, Canada -

Healthy and long life, naturally…


I love GreenMin. The changes in my twelve year old Standard Poodle are amazing! It put zip back in her life and she has her sense of humor back.

Charlotte Cobb - Vancouver BC


My senior dog does amazing on GreenMin.

Carman Ho - Vancouver BC


My dog has been taking GreenMin for over a year now and I can see a difference in him especially now when I miss a few days – his energy just isn’t the same. I have also started taking it myself and am finding it a great addition to my diet!

Rebecca Lee - Maple Ridge BC


We supplement both our dogs’ raw diets with Green Min. The biggest change we have noticed is in our 7 year old. Her ‘vitality’ has greatly improved and she is acting like a 2 year old again. It’s wonderful to see. The shiny coat is a bonus – it’s the sparkle we see back in her eyes – the jump in her step – we appreciate the most!

Gayle Brady, White Rock, BC


I really appreciate your time, Dr Dobias. My vet isn’t ‘up’ on supplements, though he does advocate for raw diets.  I notice differences when the supplements are  not included – joint health and coat condition mostly. Surprisingly, adding supplements seems to encourage my dogs to eat. GreenMin is a huge hit!
Thank you very much.

Michelle Wood


I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on your mineral supplement. I had suggested it to a customer who’s dog has been suffering with severe skin allergies and she just came in the other day to say her dog is doing amazing. He no longer has itchy patchy skin and his fur is growing back. She is very pleased.
Thank you!
Warm Regards,

Sheila Szonyi, Admin Assistant, Buckerfields - Saanichton BC


As the guardian of 2 sick canines, I have tried everything to keep my dogs alive and well. I have recently witnessed first hand the amazing results of adding Dr. Dobias’s GREEN MIN to their diet. In just 3 short months , my one little dog who was in a stroller and having problems walking, now runs again! He has energy to burn, and has much better mobility. His coat is also shiny and soft and he just looks healthier. He has more life in him!

It’s been a MIRACLE for us, and I am utterly amazed. So much in fact, I have started adding GREEN MIN to my own diet. I didn’t understand about natural minerals or realize the difference in 100% natural plant ones, but I have learnt the body knows the difference and I highly recommend GREEN MIN be added to your pets diet.

Leslie Kennedy, Vancouver, BC